Minimum requisite

The e-banking system presents short set of hardware, software or procedural requirements to be used.


Hardware requirement

  • Personal Computer
  • If possible a fast analogue modem, ISDN modem or ADSL modem
  • The website is optimized for viewing on screen with a resolution of 1024x768 px


Recommended Browser i

  • Internet Explorer 11 or more
  • Edge 13 or more
  • Chrome 51 or more
  • Safari 7 or more
  • Firefox 49 or more


The browser must also be enabled to accept cookies.


Operating system

  • Windows Vista SP2 or more
  • Mac OSX 10.7.5 or more
  • Linus Kernel 3.4.106 or more


Reading of documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader ( (10 or more) software installation is recommended.


However, it will still be possible to use other browsers and operating systems to access the e-banking service of Axion SWISS Bank SA, but without Axion SWISS Bank SA guarantee of their proper working during the e-banking service use.


Other requirements

  • Internet contract with any Internet-Provider


I dati trasmessi sono criptati con un complesso procedimento elettronico usato da numerose banche svizzere ed estere per la trasmissione dei dati (codice standard SSL).