Renato Arrigoni

Independent Member (since 25.04.2018)



Member of the Board of Directors since 24 April 2014 and Deputy Chairman since 23 April 2020: Chairman of the Audit Committee since 24 April 2014. Born on 8 March 1954, Swiss.


Education and professional background

Degree in Political Sciences (lic.rer.pol.) from the University of Geneva in July 1978. Mr. Arrigoni began his professional career on 1 January 1979 at UBS: he acted as Organiser in Geneva, he was Assistant Branch Manager of the Biasca branch and Team leader for the organisation in Lugano.

From 1987 to 1990 he was Regional Logistics Manager at UBS in Tokyo. Returning to Switzerland, he joined BDL Banco di Lugano (formerly Banco di Roma per la Svizzera SA) of the UBS Group in Lugano on 1 April 1990,  first as Head of the Organisation Unit, then as Head of Logistics. On 1 October 2000 he joined BancaStato as a Member of the Executive Board and as Head of Logistics. On 1 April 2014, he took over the Special Tasks Division, position that he held until his retirement on 1 April 2016.


Other principal activities

  • Military service completed on 31 December 2005 with the rank of Colonel of the General Staff of the Swiss Army;

Board of Directors – As of 23 April 2020


+41(0)91 910 95 10

Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission
Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission